Jam Packed Two Hour Workshops To Inspire Your Children

“I’d heard how terrific the Culture Club workshop was, and this afternoon I was able to make my way out to Palmerston to see it taking place and GEE! It was terrific! I didn’t get her name but the lady who delivers the workshop is amazing, her energy is consistent throughout the 2 hours and she definitely engages the children the whole time. If there is anything else that she does, we’d love to have her back!”


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Culture Club

These jam packed 2 hour workshops are a fantastic way to embrace cultural difference in a fun and interactive way!  Perfect for all primary school students years K-6, there is something for everyone as we explore cultures through a fun mix of music, dance, drama, visual arts, games, and trivia!

WORKSHOP #1 Through a series of quizzes kids will travel the world, visiting places like Mexico, France, USA and Korea!

  • Party in Mexico – even creating their own Maracas
  • Try out their skills in the art of French mime
  • Join in a good old-fashioned USA hoedown
  • Kick their legs up – Can-Can style
  • Design and model their very own crazy creations inspired by New York fashion week
  • Be super sleuths as they uncover the wonderful world of K-Pop (Gangnam Style anyone?)
  • Work as a team to compete for points to see who really is the most cultured of them all!

WORKSHOP # 2 In this fun new instalment we fly to Japan, Italy and Hawaii – where kids will:

  • Try out the traditional art of Japanese Origami
  • Test their skills in a fun chopstick relay
  • Create their own unique Venetian inspired masks
  • Participate in a Masquerade Parade
  • Party on down as we have ourselves a Luau
  • Learn how to Hula Dance

Plus MUCH more!!  If your kids liked our last Culture Club, they’re going to LOVE this one!!

Cost: $11 per child – Minimum $495 per Workshop Duration: 2 Hours *Travel Surcharge of $30 applies to centres outside the Sydney Metropolitan area



Em’s Entertainment is so fortunate to have the amazing Wayne Tunks continue to bring his hilarious improvisation workshops to Primary Schools and Vacation Care programs throughout 2020!

A sensational and fun opportunity to develop performance and improvisation skills in a positive, rewarding and confidence-building environment. “Insane Impro” teaches self-expression, socialization, public speaking, lateral thinking and cooperation. With the wild wacky Wayne (leading theatre producer, award winning writer and drama teacher of 16 years), students will be taken through a number of fun activities that teach the underlying principles of improvisation. These 2 hour workshops are all about flexing the muscles in kids minds and testing the boundaries of their imagination!  And with every session being different, you can book us as often as you like – a one off workshop, every school holidays, or even for weekly after school drama sessions (places for weekly spots limited….contact us for details).


Cost: $11 per child – Minimum $495 per Workshop Duration: 2 Hours

*Travel Surcharge of $30 applies to centres outside the Sydney Metropolitan area

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